WELCOME to Pay & Go Taxis Payment Deposit System

Pay & Go Taxis has launched a product which provides an alternative to traditional fare paying by giving the taxi driver the option to ask for a deposit at the beginning of the journey to avoid problems at the end.

The benefits of the Pay & Go Taxi Taxi Payment Deposit System:

Pay and Go Taxi pre payment, feeding money into unit

Combat Attacks

  • Designed to counter the problem of a taxi passenger refusing to pay at the end of a journey.
  • Less time spent reporting problems at the police station.
  • More time spent transporting taxi passengers and earning money.
  • As the name suggests the Taxi Payment Deposit System is purely a deposit box where passengers can pay a deposit before commencing their journey.
Pay and Go Taxi unit drivers view

Remain Safe

  • Avoid losing taxi fares when people leave the cab without paying (otherwise known as runners!)
  • Avoid confrontation with aggressive customers unwilling to pay.
  • Allows taxi drivers to remain in safety in the front of the cab.
  • Less stress for the taxi driver and fewer worries.
  • The deposit box is not linked to the meter.
Former England Football player Nick Barmby

Payment Deposit Box

  • The Deposit box acts as a secure safe locked and securely mounted to the bulkhead of the taxi cab.
  • The display shows the amount that the customer has deposited to both the customer and the driver.
  • The deposit box can also identify and reject counterfeit money. Potential for more tips as taxi passengers tend to say keep the change that is left in the box.


Pay and Go Taxi Passenger View

Provides a solution to the problems encountered by many taxi drivers when dealing with passengers reluctant to pay at the end of a journey by getting them to pay a deposit at the start of the journey.

Potential for more tips as passengers tend to say keep the change that is left in the box.

Passenger and driver protection as it clearly displays how much has been entered as a deposit.